Meet Our Team

Our core team is made up of four innovative Northwestern University undergraduates looking to help people across the country solve a problem that they themselves recently faced. They hope to ease a bit of the stress that comes with job recruitment, specifically the stress that comes from building and optimizing your resume. Read on to learn a bit more about each team member!

Danny Mitrani

Chief Executive Officer

Danny is an undergraduate in Northwestern’s Class of 2018, majoring in Economics with a minor in the Business Institutions Program. Danny is a creative problem solver and was born with an entrepreneurial spirit - in his time at Northwestern, he's founded two companies and consulted for many more.


Will Byrne

Chief Technology Officer

Will is a member of Northwestern’s Class of 2018 majoring in Mathematics. He has taken a challenging course load fueled by his interests in abstract algebra and statistical machine learning. Originally from Boston, Will has spent his summers working as a software developer at MIT's CSAIL.


Sam Kim

Chief Operating Officer

Sam is a sophomore at Northwestern University studying Mathematics and Physics. Getting his first taste of entrepreneurship in 7th grade through his own apparel business, he's been learning how to solve complex problems ever since.


Sebastian Pretzer

Vice President of R & D

Sebastian is a senior at Northwestern studying computer science and mathematics. Outside of class, he is a member of Northwestern’s Investment Management Group, a preprofessional club for trading and finance. Sebastian hopes to continue his studies in machine learning in graduate school.